Spring and Summer 2020

The 21st century, which only seemed like a distant fantasy future, is here, but nowhere can we find cyborg policemen nor flying skateboards. No post-apocalyptic military regimes or vacations to the other side of the moon. We continue to live the very ordinary and pathologically cellphone dependent present: not too different from the close past but a little different from what we had imagined. We still miss the 90’s, wear vintage jeans, listen to the oldies but goodies pop, and walk our beloved living dogs in the open air.

The 21st century that’s not much different with the 20th century!

Here’s our attempt to reinterpret pushBUTTON’s 2020 odyssey, to make it relevant to the upcoming 22nd century, our newly defined “future”.

Color Pallets.
Black, olive green, earthy beige, neon green, sky blue, burgundy, violet, silver and gold.

Variations of bulky and disheveled tailored jacket’s silhouette added to shirt, polo-neck jacket and polo shirt.
Peplum jacket & dress in unbecomingly short-balanced inspired by 18c Rococo’s overblown Pannier.
Transformative power-shoulder